Consult, Work, Partner.

Tried and true process to complete projects. Get started now
First Step


Pitch us your idea, project, or devops needs.
When we begin


Now we become experts on your project and lay out the details during in a live or virtual meeting.
Break the project into milestones

The project is broken down into tiny chunks and assigned to developers. Our developers will begin executing your project to complete milestones laid out in the meeting.

  • What is a Milestone?
    • A 1-2 week chunk of work.
    • You PM will update you daily.
    • At the end of the week you see our work.
    • You can test it, give us feedback, and we improve.
  • 100% Ready

    Everything we work on is yours, 100% tested and deployment ready. If you aren't satisfied we will still provide you with the fully funcitoning app. All of the code is yours.

Forget compromise

When we complete your project, together we will go through a final round of testing. Your help during testing will ensure your satisfaction and address any issues with your PM.

  • Deployment

    Our name is on your project and we 100% support it. We will always fix anything we build for an unlimited period of time.

  • On going support

    If you decide to upgrade or add features in the future, we will be there for you. Our past client and partner relationships mean allot to us. \


We want our clients to succeed

We have an interest in your success. After the project we are available as a partner.
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  • Publicity
  • Advertising
  • Pitching
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